Monday, January 06, 2014

Postcard from Chiberia

Mad and I spent the day as shut ins.  Only out for a few minutes.  Mad in layers of sweaters and her booties, me in pajamas, a sweater, a cowl, a bulky hat, thrummed mittens, wool socks, and a big wool shawl over my wool coat.  I'm hoping my car starts and can move out of its snowy embankment for me to make it in to teach a class tomorrow evening.  I've worked on two dog sweaters, a sweater for me, and various stray knitting projects.  With the Man out of the apartment for a few hours, I was able to watch Downton Abbey without interruption or commentary.
This is Pia rocking her Polar Vortex Chic ensemble.  A bulky sweater knit by me in Cascade Magnum, purple Pawz booties, and her green harness.  I don't think she stayed out too long, either.

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