Thursday, February 27, 2014

Really, Neptune?

I read my horoscope every day, and look forward to Susan Miller's monthly forecast.  She's been mentioning Neptune in my chart for some time, and suggesting I get flood insurance in my homeowner's policy.  Being a renter, I didn't think any of it applied to me.  I am fearful of water.  I love to drink, cook, and  bathe in it.  But I have seen the damage that it can do.  It damaged Lucky Penny Headquarters earlier this month.  Two water related incidents in two consecutive days.  Resulting in the building owners coming completely unhinged, and demanding that we leave.  Really over a clogged kitchen drain.  I am now filled with fear and rage at these people.   Packing and moving is such a hardship, and it seems that we just did it.  And, we were happy living here!  I do not like the idea of living in another owner occupied building again.  I think I have some idea of what may have happened with the previous tenant of my current place, and why the apartment was empty for years before I took it.
In the midst of all this chaos, I finished this.  Maybe the most ambitious project of my knitting life besides Doggie Knits, and with the shortest deadline.  It's for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company's production of Russian Transport, open now through early May.  I couldn't have finished it without help from my friend Tammy, and Lynn, who kindly allowed Knit 1 to be Madeline and my safe refuge  on the last day of sweater finishing.  While screaming insane people were hand rodding the kitchen drain in the apartment.  The tragedy of all of this success is that the earnings are mostly going to be funding a move.  I don't know why my head doesn't explode.
The sweater is sourced by a vintage 80's sweater, the original fit to the actress, and sent to me.  It's a hybrid leopard/tiger road kill.  I used Shibui Pebble in four colors selected by the costume designer, and held two of the colors together with metallic threads.  If you can't source sparkly yarn in just the right color and weight, you just have to make your own!  I didn't use a chart--just free formed the intarsia pattern as I knit it.  The photo does not include the shawl collar applied in the last hours of finishing.  My camera at the time didn't have enough memory to take one.  One day hopefully I will have a good photo of it being worn.

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