Sunday, April 13, 2014


I had a conversation with a friend the other day about neighbors, how there are mostly bad ones and the good ones are rare.  Bad neighbors live above us.   Unfortunately, we still have to pay them.  With the hostility of the landlords to our household, there is no reason for them to not be a disturbance to us.  Loud is my Kryptonite.  Most especially loud television, or metal music so loud that things in my apartment vibrate.  Is this why Mad had a little seizure last night?  This is not how I want to live.  I am venting here because this situation is such a frustration to me.  I am coming to the realization that headquarters may seriously need to be downsized for us to afford anything.
This is a really cool shawl that I am knitting for myself and the store.  It will live at the store for a while before it goes into wardrobe rotation.  Two different colors of Kauni.  The pattern is called Dovetail Shawl.
I get to escape the noise tonight to see the play that I knit the sweater for in January/February.  Sorry that I'm leaving Mad behind.

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