Saturday, May 31, 2014

Notes from the Razor's Edge

It's taken nearly five years to shake off my professional credential.  It was one I worked hard for twenty five years ago.  Going back to school as an adult and taking on student loan debt, and trying to fit into a culture that didn't understand me.  I made a decent salary, that hit a ceiling during the last ten years I worked.  I ended up doing everything I said I wouldn't do during my internship.  I worked in some pretty horrible places.  I had a resume that would always get me an interview.  Then I got older, and my profession got more crowded.  I had decided that an advanced degree wasn't an expense I wanted, as it didn't garner more income, now it is a necessity.  The same job I had eighteen years ago now requires a Master's degree.  The job didn't change, just the requirements.  In 2010 I had two interviews total.  My profession also required continuing education credits.  Since my credential no longer was serving as a safety net, I didn't feel that putting time and expense into it was warranted.  So, today it expires.
I'm thankful that I can knit and sew.  It sustained me as a creative outlet during some rough patches, and now it really sustains me.  The safety net is much smaller.  Even though I feel most times that I'm on the razor's edge, I still wouldn't go back.

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