Sunday, May 18, 2014

Season Spanning

True to my nature, I made the Modern Tunic again.  I used Schoppel Wolle Linen Los, 4 balls in the darkest color, and a partial ball of the natural color for the pocket linings.  Linen Los is fantastic--a three seasons yarn.  This is modified from the first one that I knit, with more decreases so it isn't as loose on the top.  I finished it in time to wear to TNNA, where I went all goofy for the designer, Lori Versaci.  I wore both tunics I made for her.  I am obsessing about the new designs that she's done for Shibui this fall.   I'm also stalking Julie Hoover's designer page on Ravelry, waiting for her new Shibui designs.  I am going to be knitting a lot in Pebble and Cima this season.
I like to think that I put some effort into dressing appropriately for a professional event in my industry.  I was a little surprised to see how some (or one) put no effort at all into dressing or grooming for any of her book signing appearances at the show.  When I did signings for my book, I bought new wardrobe, and had new hair and mani/pedi, etc.  This woman consistenly looked like she just rolled out of bed.  It was a source of amusement for me.
In my personal wardrobe knitting, I am working on another sweater in Linen Los.  I used the leftover white from this tunic, and purchased more to complete the sweater, which is knit from the bottom up.  There is a slight color difference in the whites which I hope won't be too noticeable in the garment, or I can rationalize it as a design feature.  I'm also working on an accessory pattern for the store to offer during this year's yarn crawl, using more Linen Los.

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