Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lucky Penny's Rules for Baby Quilting, Part Three

Personalize the quilt if it's possible.   I had a name and birth date, so it was an advantage to hold off until the baby arrived.  This is a reason I keep letter and number prints in my quilting stash.  The birth date, in this case, was from a tape measure print that I fussy cut and appliquéd on.  Same for the initials. Then, finally, I sign my work.  It's sort of subtle with me.  In earlier pieces, I always included a patch with a dog print.  Now that I have my bolts of Tammis Keefe dog fabrics, I fussy cut the Pekingese and use it for my signature.  On this quilt, the pekingese is one of the red patches in the log cabin block.

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