Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Keeping Up

Today is my day off, with the exception of teaching a class tonight.  I've spent the better part of this morning attempting to log on to the Brooklyn Tweed site to see the newest look book.  True to predictions, the internet has crashed!  All those East coast knitters snowed in are using up the bandwidth, I suppose.  I still have things from the last most recent collections to knit.  The truth is that I want to make everything, and I can't knit fast enough.  When work officially commences on a new dog sweater collection, I'll have even less time to knit all the stuff I want for my personal wardrobe.  I have some warm weather garments that I should finish and be ahead of the game.  Spring will be here soon enough.
The hat photographed is Skiff from the fall 2014 BT collection.  I've knit it four times.  This one was a gift for my friend H.  Who almost never wears hats.  I want her to keep her lovely little noggin warm on the coldest days here.

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