Tuesday, January 13, 2015

That's So 2014

It's comforting to think that a new year starts with a clean slate.  I can't say that it's true for this one.  Starting with more crisis for the studio HQ.  When I rented this residence, I was told that the rent was low because of the lack of amenities, like laundry privileges, storage, and parking.  We had another rent increase to ring in the New Year.  A 13% increase.  So in total the rent on this place has gone up >25% in three years.  For the same lack of amenities, with the added annoyance of garage band activities in the basement below our residence.  I didn't think I could despise the people who share this building with me and collect the rent, any more than I do already, but I do.  I'm going to have to drag the Man kicking and screaming to a new place, but I swear it's going to happen.  Why he is content with staying in place has been one of the frustrations of this past year.
My color obsession of 2014 was this shade of pink.  Now most shades of pink.  I love pinks for Madeline.  This sweater is Bellows from the fall Brooklyn Tweed collection.  I knit it in Imperial Stock Ranch Native Twist, in the color Dusty Rose.  My plan was to knit it in a light gray, then a friend came into the shop wearing a lovely pink coat, and I just had to change.  I have more pinks in store for my knitting.

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