Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Truimph and Tragedy

If you didn't get to see it earlier this year, here is one of the knitting accomplishments of my life:  The sweater that I knit for Russian Transport at Steppenwolf Theatre.  Thank you to Mae Haskins of the Steppenwolf costume shop for the photo.  I loved working with them.  That was the triumph.
The tragedy is the deterioration of my Lucky Penny studio and living situation, that occurred at the same time.  Since February, it's pretty much influenced every day.  My fear, rage, and just feeling unsettled.  I haven't felt this bad since 2002/2003, when I lost a residential/income property due to family malfeasance.
I'm staying in this New Year's eve, knitting and hanging out with Madeline, the Man, and the two little dogs I'm taking care of.  Keeping my fingers crossed that 2015 is better.

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