Friday, March 20, 2015

Why Not?

A few months ago, at Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago, I had planned on a little shopping action in the market.  I was all set to purchase a sweater's worth of Brooklyn Tweed Loft, but I was hesitant about a color.  Instead, the only purchase that I made was from a Chicago shop.  They are closed on the same day as the shop I work at, so I have limited access to them.  One of my purchases was a skein of Pepperberry Knits cashmere in dk weight.  I combined it with a cowl kit that is stocked at the store, and this is the result.  Cashmere for La Mad.  She deserves it.
I have heard that Vogue Knitting Live will be at another midwest city this fall.  I'm disappointed.

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