Wednesday, April 08, 2015

If I Could Afford You, I Wouldn't Need You

A few weeks ago, a marketing enterprise reached out to me.  I agreed to a phone interview.  They were promising getting Lucky Penny more visible, and linking my product to a celebrity,  re-working my web presence, etc.  All for the minimum of $3000/mo.  If I was successful enough to blow that amount on their services, I wouldn't really need them.  The irony.
I left my first (one star) Yelp review today.  Having terrible experiences with owner occupied properties, I thought I might do better with a property management company, and all of their buildings in my neighborhood look nice, and the rents appear reasonable.  The apartment hunt goes on.  In four years, it has turned into a real racket.  Pet rent, for one.  I looked at an apartment yesterday that I didn't have a chance of renting.  I was the meat puppet to make the other party think that they had to rush to a decision.  I declined another opportunity to do the same today.  When I told the rental agent that I didn't want to fall into an endless loop of looking at apartments that essentially were not available, her attitude was flippant. Take it or leave it.  So I left it.  Is there no integrity left?
I hated the foam case I purchased for my MacBook, so I created a knit/crocheted one.  I have to do another, as this one turned out a little too big.

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