Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Fantastic Gift

There's things that I want to wear, but I might not want to knit them.  Number one being a Hitchhiker, a now iconic piece of neckwear.  I started one last year but never finished it.  There are other pieces of knitwear that I can't style properly.  I can't wear a triangular shawl without it looking like a bib.  A rectangular shape works better for me.   I have an extensive wardrobe of cowls and infinity scarves.  Very easy to wear.   My preferred item to knit these days is sweaters, either for me or dogs.  This lovely shawl was knit for me!  I watched my friend David work on it, in my favorite shade of Mrs. Crosby's Satchel (I think the color is African Grey), never knowing that I was the intended recipient.   It's called the Banana Leaf Shawl.  This one is really long, probably more than eight feet.  Something I love having, but especially love that I didn't have to knit it.  I asked my friend Helen for tips on styling it.  Helen can put on any sample in the store and tie it just right.
I just love this shawl, it's the perfect style for me.  What a thrill to be gifted a hand knit.  I am a lucky woman to have such a lovely friend.

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