Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Weekend of Driving and Eating

Scene from a road trip.  The trip of driving and eating, because that's what we did.  We borrowed the car, as my Rav4 now has 32,000+ miles and a noisy muffler.  Madeline liked to spend some time on that shelf under the rear window, and would sleep for some of the drive.   Sleeping in the car is new for her.  It rained most of the weekend, and the sun broke out on Monday afternoon just a few hours before the drive back to Chicago.  We spent the night in Fond du Lac, and I had a nightmare including zombies and having a different boss, my last one, in an old work place, to fire me all over again.  And, Madeline had a seizure.  Not part of the nightmare, she really did.  What on earth is triggering a nightmare?  I hardly ever have them.
I'm hoping the next trip that I start in a few days goes better.  I have to prep Mad's meals and supplements and finish some knitted wardrobe pieces.
I'm working on the most luscious piece in a double strand of Shibui Pebble, an extravagance even with a generous employee discount.  There was an incident in Wisconsin yesterday.
Part of my process with knitting for myself usually involves my yarn escaping from the project bag, and often me going quite a distance from it before I realize what's happened.  Once I locked the yarn in my car, walked across a parking lot, and across Lincoln Ave. into the store, leaving a strand of yarn between me and the parked car.
It was windy yesterday, and I noticed that my Pebble had broken away from the knitting when I had stopped to put gas in the car.  I was at the end of two skeins, and had two full wound skeins in the open ziplock bag holding the project.   Hours later, I realized that the two small remaining balls, and one full ball were missing from the car.  The only conclusion I can make is that the broken balls and one extra had rolled out of the car.  So maybe some lucky knitter getting gas in Oconomowoc will find some luxury yarn.  There would be enough for a nice scarf.  I'm hoping that the yarn amounts for the sweater are generously calculated so I don't have to purchase that much to complete the sweater.

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