Thursday, August 13, 2015

At Least the Fish Survived

Things had not been working out to my advantage, and then they really weren't.  I was taking care of  friends' pets during this crisis.  I was tidying up, taking out garbage, and found one of their Koi in the jets of the pond.  I don't know how long the fish had been there.  I reached in and grabbed him, and threw him back in the pond.  Later in the afternoon, I found the same fish in the jets.  I turned them off for a while, and when I turned them on again, he was pulled in.  Jets off.  The fish was back in the pond, floating on top, on his side, barely breathing.  I was freaking out.  With my self esteem in the toilet, all I needed was a dead fish on the property that was in my care.  Phone calls and texts were made, and based on advice, I added water to the pond and moved the hose around so water flowed over the injured fish's gills.  After a few minutes, his lips moved like he was gasping for breath, and he started swimming!  Now if I could only harness that power to repair my own situation.
I found this sock in progress at the bottom of a box.  That much closer to a pair.

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