Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer of Misery

It was a matter of time, I think.  Madeline has a long back and is a jumper.  She was a little out of sorts a few days ago, and then on Friday, started whimpering and screaming in pain when she tried to hop up on our laps, or even when just doing the most basic movements.  Around midnight on Friday we took her to the emergency room.  I'm pretty certain it's disc disease, which I recognize from my experience with Piccolo.  The exam was cringe inducing to say the least.  She spent some time at the shop this weekend so I could keep an eye on her.  I'm doing my best to shove an anti-inflammatory and some pain meds down her throat, but she's a little stinker and her appetite is off, so I can't get them in her food.  Fortunately she is moving a little better, and took a long walk this morning.  But no more jumping or stairs for her.  We are going for a follow up visit on Friday.
Just another little piece of misery.  Strapped for cash, sick pet, still need to move, etc., etc.

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