Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stopped Over

Madeline's mini Stopover made it to the Mason-Dixon KAL wrap up post today!  More lett-lopi is on it's way and a plan on going deep into Icelandic knitting for dogs.  Meanwhile, I have just joined for the yoke on mine, and ran out of the main color, so I'm purging the large swatch I knit for gauge.  Today was a day for regrouping.  I worked a little on some personal stuff, and girding my loins for this weekend when my dog sweater workshop commences.  Wouldn't it be interesting if I could take that on the road?  I'm also giving some serious thought to some professional development that may open up another revenue stream.  
Madeline had a great time last night as I was driving around protecting us from the basement noise that regularly occurs at Lucky Penny HQ now.  She got into a bag of doughnuts and ate one half of a sour cream one.  Thankfully the chocolate one wasn't touched.  

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chris said...

She is soooop cute. Just love little Madeline