Friday, March 11, 2016

The Elixir

What's been going on at Lucky Penny HQ is illness.  I had been returning from activities and just melting.  When I get a cold, my sinuses tighten and it's just miserable.  I'm two weeks in, and while the sinus stuff is gone, there's a lingering cough.  My body hurts from all the coughing.  Now the Man has it.  So I've made this recipe twice, using my new electric pressure cooker.  I start with a rotisserie chicken, add aromatic vegetables and water, and extract a broth.  The meat gets taken off the bones, additional meat, vegtables, noodles, and boxed bone broth are added on the stove.  It's the extracting of the minerals from the chicken bones that have the therapeutic effect.
What they say about buying appliances during a Mercury Retrograde happens to be true.  This is device number two for HQ.
Lots of knitting activity going on here.  The last and biggest piece of theatrical knitting was delivered today, but there's still the dog sweater that needs to be finished, a new sample piece due in April, and some repairs that I am behind on.  Plus all the samples that I'm knitting for my newly published pattern.  I'm working with a tech editor for the first time.  There's still lots to do.  It's difficult to keep up these days.
Knitting is done on the Stopover for me, it's been done for a few weeks except for grafting the underarms, blocking, and some duplicate stitch.

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