Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sundays are For Socks

I try to be disciplined about my knitting.  Since I do it for work and pleasure, I try to keep the personal stuff to evenings and weekends.  I have one more deadline piece to finish, and today had to take back a sleeve because it was turning out too puffy.  There should be a fitting early next week, but I have used the Man as my mannequin for it.  Then, there's an enormous dog sweater that I'm knitting for a trade of service.  I am still working on writing the pattern for the workshop in two weeks.  I absolutely have to upload something to Revelry next week.
I am in two knitalongs at the moment, and lagging behind on both.   One is with my friend who moved back to Boston last year, the Woodfords Cardigan from Wool People 8, and the other being the Bang Out a Sweater at Mason-Dixon Knitting.  If you stumbled upon this blog from there, hello.  There's a photo of me up on the blog, of me wearing my Strokkur.  I hate photos of me, and that one is not an exception, but how do you say no to Kay?  I didn't want to be a jerk.   I cast on for Stopover last October, then lost one of the balls of contrast color.  I still haven't found it.  I was undecided on how to move forward with the color arrangement,  and because I was still undecided, cast on with the main color.  I don't need all that color around my hips, I think.  I have enough problems in that area.
Then there is my sock drawer, which is pathetic.  I have lots of sock yarn, but few hand knit socks these days.  The only way I am going to replenish is for dedicating some time to really get some knit. Sundays for socks.  I purchased the Pet Socks kit from Blackberry Ridge at the last Wisconsin Sheep and Wool.  It was a complete impulse purchase.  The dog chart is from Scandinavian motif book by Mary Jane Mucklestone.  I am now well into the foot, and hopefully will have one finished sock this weekend.  The other modification I made was a tubular cast on at the cuff.

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Rebecca said...

Very cute! I has some of that yarn in stash. I'll look forward to seeing what you think about it.