Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stopped Over X 2

It's my Stopover!  I cast on in October of 2015, knit a few rounds, then lost one of the colors I planned on using.  When the Mason-Dixon Bang Out a Sweater knit along started up this year, I cast on again.  Because I still couldn't find the color I wanted to use for contrast, a brilliant blue that was found long enough to make it into Madeline's Stopped Over, I cast on in the main color, so I could defer the decision of what contrast colors to use until I got to the sleeves.  I wanted my sweater to not be an exact copy of the sample on the pattern.  The Lagoon main color is very much a power color for me, and the Spring Green and Glacier Blue are perfection with it.  I reversed the color order for the yoke and cuffs.  The other modification that I did was to add short rows to the back yoke.  I love the sweater and the yarn, and would like to go deeper into Icelandic knitting, both for myself, and some design.
I try to be disciplined about personal vs. professional knitting.  I just finished a project that was a collaboration with a costume designer I've worked with before.  She contacted me directly this time, instead of a costume shop.  I consider that to be a step forward!  Theatrical knitting is something that I really want to do.  The other thing I've been working on which I really can't ever show until the patterns are released are samples for a yarn company.  The one I'm doing right now is really kicking me in the, you know.  I don't know if something's wrong with the pattern, or if it's me.  I've set one piece aside to work on the other side to maybe get a better sense, that is, if the error really is the pattern.  I'm one of the first to knit it, so I think it's entirely possible that there are some issues.  The big concern that I have for this is the possibility of not making the deadline.  This is making me think more seriously about the tech editing course I was wanting to take.
It's been a happy and difficult adjustment to my new working life.  I've longed to work at home, although I wish it were a different home, that's for sure.  I love all the time I get with Madeline, even if she's sleeping in another room for most of my working day.  The times I do leave are for errands, and the part time job that I have that's not become the safety net that I've hoped for.

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