Saturday, April 23, 2016


In the last year or so, I've been posting about three times per month. In April I had lots of distractions.    Work, health maintenance, and taxes.  I just did my own return for the first time in years.  I guess one advantage of austerity is that I got to use TurboTax for free, and filed on line.  Whoosh!  
I just sent some packages off today.  One was the sample that I re-knit a number of times.  The other was a sweater that I knit for a special little dog that I fell in love with on Instagram.  More on him later.   I was expecting a call about a new costume project on Friday, but got stood up.  
My own knitting has been a Woodfords sweater in Loft.  I'm knitting the sleeves before I return to finishing the body.  I think I'm going to really like wearing that sweater.  The Wake sweater, also knit in Loft, that I finished a few months ago gets very frequent wear.  I used my earnings from the dog sweater workshop to purchase a sweater's worth of Shelter, and I just knit the swatch for the sweater I have planned.  I just adore Brooklyn Tweed yarns.
I still long to leave this apartment.  It feels more like a storage locker than a home.  The Man keeps bringing things in that we have no storage for, and fills boxes that I collected in anticipation of a move, then gets angry when I ask him to take things out.   It's pathological.
This photo of Madeline is from a few weeks ago.  Her groomers have been on vacation, and we are way, way overdue for a grooming.  Me, too.  Both of us are getting the treatment in a few days.   The jardinieres in the (decorative) fireplace are vintage McCoy.  I purchased the harvest basket at an antique shop that I worked at part time about fifteen years ago.  It was two doors down from the shop that I recently spent five years at.  I had it set up as a pet bed for Piccolo, and she never chose to use it.  Madeline spends a lot of time in it.  That makes me happy.

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