Wednesday, April 27, 2016

He's Got a Story to Tell

Every once in a while, I get moved and inspired by a little dog that I find though the internet peke community.  A few years ago, it was Beasley, the little one eyed rescued by Muttville and adopted by Dogster's Community Manager.  A few months ago, I found iGGi via an account I follow on Instagram, Caspernstitch.  He was in a shelter in Korea, after being found as a stray.  His former owners had his vocal cords removed, and his ears, paws and tail were dyed brown.  His cheeks had pink spots like he was a doll.  This little darling was alone, defenseless, and unable to bark.  Removing vocal cords is a cruel practice that can lead to health complications.  It is hard to grasp how terrifying his situation was.  A fundraising page was set up to facilitate his way out of Korea and to the United States.  After a few failed attempts, he made it to New York City.  He was going to be put up for adoption, but in the end, his mom, who had invested so much of her heart in getting him to safety, couldn't bear to give him up.  I wouldn't have been able to.   This is such a good story, and has a happy ending.  If it were a movie, I would want to see it, and probably would need tissue.
He was here, safe, and happy.  I wanted to do something.  So, I knit him a sweater, of course.  Just because.
It's a version of my basic Madeline sweater, knit in Dream in Color Groovy.

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