Monday, June 20, 2016

The Work Begins

I had suspected for some time that Doggie Knits was nearing its expiration.  With the last royalty statement, I was pretty sure.  I called the publisher last week and they confirmed that Doggie Knits is out of print, and out of stock at the warehouse.  The only way to obtain it now is though a secondary market.  I should have set up individual patterns to go up immediately after the rights revert back to me, but the distraction of life set me back.  So, this summer, one of the tasks is to do some revisions and get the designs established as individual PDFs for download.
This sweater is the Madeline Basic 4.5.  I knit a smaller size for my samples, and loved the color so much, called Tomato, that I wanted one for Madeline.  I did a brief fitting yesterday in the summer heat (we were in a shaded area next to Lake Geneva) to confirm that the length was right before binding off.

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