Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Possibilities

It had to be done.  If you know me personally, you may have known about my financial difficulties.  It hasn't helped that I was working at minimum wage without a raise for five years, was replaced at that job, and that the part time job that I was hoping to be a safety net while I got the Lucky Penny enterprise going has turned out to be a disappointment.  It's not a safety net if I'm not on the schedule for six weeks, however, the people who are on the schedule aren't doing much better.  I haven't had a theatrical project or a sample to knit for some time, and the only cash coming in is from some private lessons and some finishing/ repair work.  And the bills keep coming.  I think about how I'm going to pay for the haircut I desperately need, and the vet appointment that Madeline is due for, which will probably result in teeth cleaning.  I think about the fiber festivals that are coming up, the sweaters that I want to knit, the quilt tops that I would like to take to the long arm quilter, the tattered sandals that I would like to throw away instead of wearing every day.  Throwing out all my worn and tattered clothing, in fact.  Then, there's the biggest thing.  That I've been desperate to move.
So, a rideshare service.  The problem was, the car I was driving didn't qualify.  Eighteen years old, with the muffler held together by a coat hanger, and not fully functioning air conditioning.  Yesterday morning, I saw a huge grease spot under my poor old car, and wondered if she was the source.  I was going to lease a car, and keep the old one as well.  But, that's not how things worked out.  I had a failed leasing attempt on Friday at a dealership nearby, for a sweet little 2014 Corolla.  The dealership was new to the Uber program, and things didn't happen.  I was frustrated, and desperate to get some cash flow started.  So yesterday I went to a dealership with it's own Uber department and ended up saying good bye to my 1998 Rav4 and driving away in this--a new Camry.  With all the features and maintenance that extends for the length of the financing.  The crazy thing is that the financing was based on estimated, and not actual earnings.  The Man was furious with me, but he was the same when I came home with the Rav4.  So, in a few days the hustle to repair my finances begins.  Fortunately, I like to drive.

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