Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Road Knitting

I'm so looking forward to driving in the fall.  I think about the wardrobe that I'm going to be wearing. Sweaters.  Fortunately I have a lot.  I'm going to buy some wool sneakers in the next few weeks.  For the winter, I will wear a heavier sweater rather than a coat.  I have a few of those, too.
There is down time during my work day, mostly at the airports when I'm waiting in the queue.  I always have knitting with me, of course.  I just purchased this project bag at Stitches Midwest last week.  It could only be cuter if it had Pekingese.  There's a hat and a sweater sleeve in it.
I had not been to Stitches Midwest in maybe seven years.  The market was so good.  It felt good to splurge on purchases.  It's been a long time.

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