Monday, August 22, 2016


Today is a work day.  For at least two jobs.  Right now I'm girding my loins for the day with some iced coffee and breakfast.  In a few hours I will be helping to set up an estate sale, then will put in a few hours of driving.  But I won't forget that today is the day that Piccolo left me, four years ago.  Her loss is something I feel every day.   When I returned to the apartment, she would come out on the landing to make sure I got in (happily, Madeline does the same).  Piccolo would curl up on the bath mat outside the tub while I showered.  My purpose in life was to love and care for her.  She did the same for me.  In retrospect, it was lucky for me that I witnessed her death.  Coming back to find her would have been a horror.  She left me suddenly, but in a happy moment, the way all pets should.

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