Friday, September 09, 2016

The Mobile Studio

The last few weeks the Lucky Penny Headquarters has four wheels and divine air conditioning.  But I haven't knit a dog sweater in weeks.  I've been doing some selfish knitting and finishing projects up for friends.    Unfortunately, I just discovered some terrible inconsistencies in skein colors now that I have the pieces on the blocking board,  It's obvious.  Of course I have to tell my friend.  I think some surgery will have to be done to save the patient.  No good deed goes unpunished.
There's been a lack of posting due to being busy with both safety net jobs.  The hat in the photo is for me.  Mawson by Jared Flood in one of the new Shelter Marls.  I did a tubular cast on instead of the one specified in the pattern.  Because tubular cast on is my favorite.
Tomorrow, I'm taking the day off for a road trip to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival!

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