Saturday, January 28, 2017


My month of selfish knitting continues.  I'm not going to be finished with a sweater when January is over.  I will start back up on dog sweaters.  I still want to work on releasing Doggie Knits designs as downloads.  I have been thinking about pushing the retail side of Lucky Penny again.  My inventory these days is pretty low.  I need to work around slow times for driving.  Right now it seems like Tuesday is a very slow day and my time would be best spent working on my knitting enterprises.  I have an ongoing job packing a household 1-2 days a week.  Seventy boxes packed so far, all collectibles.  The job is moving slowly because each item is cataloged as it is packed.  I had a little accident and tripped on the carpet (thankfully the client wasn't there to witness my clumsiness).  The packed box was safe but I sustained some nasty bruises on my left arm.

The photo is another sweater that I cast on this month.  It's on the cover of the very beautiful book Knitting From the North.  I could go deep into this book.  Every design is just gorgeous, this one is called Loki.  The yarn I'm knitting with is the limited edition Rifton from Mason-Dixon Knitting.  I had one cake of it, 600 yards, and didn't want another accessory.  The solid is sport weight from Blackberry Ridge in Wisconsin.  There is a 100 round chart that is very hard to read because some of the squares are solid black, and the chart is small.  I took a photo of the chart with my iPhone so I could enlarge it as needed.  I'm winding off small amounts of the Rifton cake into butterflies so I don't have so many tangles as I go.

Every day this week seems to be a new atrocity.  This was a hard country to live in before January 20, and now it's like there is a new punishment coming one after another.  I didn't go to the Women's March.  I'm not a crowd person, and as irrational as it seems, I was afraid I would run into people, or a person, that I didn't want to see.  I had a hard time with all that pussyhat business and local media treating a shopkeeper like she was some social justice authority.  I can say with certainty that she is not.  It was commerce.  It was thrilling to see all that pink in all the marches, but the association with that negative person really ruined it for me.

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