Monday, January 16, 2017

A Month of Selfish Knitting

Tea With Jam and Bread
  I have so many goals and projects for this year, that it's easy for me to be overwhelmed.  So, in a counterintuitive move, I decided to devote January to just knitting for my wardrobe.  I haven't knit a stitch on something for Madeline, and for me, that's very rare.  My selfish knitting has included swatching for three fingering/sport weight sweaters, one with color work, and making a serious dent on this.  Tea With Jam and Bread, which has been on my wish list for years.   In Shelter, with pockets for a super casual look that will be perfect for my working the safety net life.  I'm thinking about including a surprise color that will peek out of the pocket lining.
I intend to shift my focus to knitting lighter weight sweaters, over the past few months, the few that I own have been put to frequent use.  I love my Woodfords cardigan so much that I would consider knitting another in a more neutral color.  The other thing that I've been meaning to do is working a season ahead.  I have a few warm weather garments in mind.  One will require me taking apart something that I knit a few years ago and became a snagged mess after a few wearings.  I will shoot for March to begin these projects.
New Year's Eve was my worst experience ever with driving.  Never again will I do a late night.  I don't care how much they say it pays.  There were too many drivers out to make anything decent, and the riders behaved like animals.  The worst was when I had to return a cell phone to someone, who the night before, vomited in my car.  Horrible!  A wise friend said that it happened for a reason, that I should not have been out that night.  I'll agree with that.
I've spent the last week fighting a cold, the Man is recovering from surgery, and Mad has had her disc disease flare up again.  Madeline was scheduled for a dental cleaning today, but the procedure had to be scrapped due to what they termed "wiggly behavior."

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