Saturday, March 18, 2017

This Happened

I admit to being snarky when it comes to seeing the conditions of other vehicles doing rideshare.  There are some cars that are in serious need of some body work.  Some of the cars are banged up so badly that if I were a rider, I might question the driving ability of the provider.  So this week it happened to me.  Not because of my driving.  I came out to find my car like this.  A hit and run.  It had snowed heavily, and I couldn't open the passenger door.  I drove it over to the Man so he could have a look.  We cleaned off the extra snow,  and found this.  The fender was pushed into the door so it couldn't open. The non functioning door meant I couldn't work.   I spent a day or so freaked out.  It was a wake up call to the fact that the safety net is fragile.  I imagined not being able to work for weeks, and all the expenses that need to be paid.   I was looking into renting a car so I could work.  Another expense.  I took it to a body shop for an estimate, and they were able to pop out the door so it opens.  It does make a horrible sound while doing so.  Two more days of driving until it goes into the shop for a new fender.  Spending more money that I don't have.
I'm hoping with the beginning of spring and baseball season, that I will have more driving work.  I seriously need to build up some sort of reserve.

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