Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mommy and Me

I finished, and posted this project to Instagram last month.  What a thrill to have it shared on one of my favorite knitting web magazines,  Mason-Dixon Knitting (see Letters, 8/10/17). 
I have been inspired to do an Easel treatment to another dog sweater, and shopped my stash to knit another Mommy and Me out of some Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July that I've had for more than ten years.  Because austerity.
We've had another Summer of Misery at HQ.  Mad has had some back/muscle issues requiring laser and acupuncture treatments.  So her mommy's checkbook is on fire.  How do we even dig ourselves out of this hole to move?
I did purchase some yarn to knit a sweater at Stitches Midwest a few weeks ago, because, I'm an addict.  But today, I was in a yarn shop browsing for maybe thirty minutes and bought nothing.
I have stash for many sweaters.

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