Monday, July 10, 2017

July is for Finishing

Major blog neglect happening, because adulting is hard.  Especially if you live with one that is more or less a child.  I have to work on finally making an exit from this headquarters that has proven to be an unwelcoming and dangerous place that I can't call home.  The rent was raised yet again, so the hole I have to dig myself out of to accomplish a move has gotten deeper.  It will be Madeline and I going it alone, which I welcome, although in moves past, the Man has turned up after a few days or weeks.  I don't want that to happen again.
One more reason to hate this place--besides the other pests, there are moths.  I have had to discard some knitted pieces and yarn.  Things that could be salvaged were put into the freezer to kill anything lingering.  I hadn't seen this item for a long time, it was under a pile of stuff, so I checked it.  No evidence.   This is the Green Sweater of Sunday Holm/Elizabeth Zimmermann fame, which I knit in 2010 after going to Knitting Camp.  The style, color, and sport weight yarn still speak to me.  I'm working on just finishing projects this month, and this has moved to the top of the list, as it is one of the oldest unfinished objects that I have.

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