Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fashionista, or Dork?

How many knitted items can you wear at one time? Here's me on a typical winter day.

1. Hat

2. Scarf

3. Vest

4. Gloves

5. Gauntlets (during this cold snap, I've been obsessed with keeping extremities warm, and that gap between my coat sleeve and glove was bothersome, so I designed my own. I'm hoping to post the pattern sometime soon.)

6. Socks

and if you count my little dog as an accessory,

7. dog sweater.

Today, two of the items were not hand knit by me. The gloves were knitted by an Estonian lady, purchased from Nancy Bush following a workshop, and Piccolo's sweater was knit by my Norwegian friend, Bente. I took some photos of Piccolo in her new sweater, but not having a card reader that works with my computer, I have to trot back to the CVS pharmacy and the Kodak picture kiosk to have it put on a CD. This explains the lag time between a finished object and the time it makes it to a blog post. The vest is another (!) Rosebud, in Briar Rose Fibers Sonoma. I finished it a few weeks ago.

Tonight the Man and I drove to a job site, and he took me for coffee afterwards. Piccolo waited in the car, and when we returned, she wanted to get to me so fast, she flung herself at the car door before I got it open. With our staggered schedules, and the Man stopping home in the middle of the day sometimes, Piccolo doesn't spend much time alone. Which makes it more upsetting for her when we are gone. I could just explode sometimes I'm so full of love for this creature.


Bente said...

I love the sweater, I love the yarn, thank you so much for a great swap!

Monica said...

The vest is really cute!

Lynette said...

oh, you can never have enuf handknits. well, you can, but i bet you look great in all of them.

great job on your vest. fyi, i finally ordered NORO to make the ribby cardi vest. yours is awesome.

Angela said...

Do you watch Knitty Gritty? Since TiVo came into my life, I have started watching it. The one I saw today was about spinning dog hair and making dog sweaters. (The one they made looked more like a dog cape to me!) The Rosebud looks great. And, yep, I also wonder how many knits are too many. I usually limit myself to two unless it is really cold.

Corinne said...

I saw part of that KG episode, and that thing they made looked like a cape to me, too. I don't get it.