Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Stuck a Toe In

I've been curious about crochet. I think that I has the potential to be as popular as knitting is. I've only done the occasional edge. I would like to try a garment at some point. Last week, I took a workshop from Judy Swartz. She may be familiar to you as the past editor in chief of Interweave Crochet, and she's authored a few books, including the one book that I think is the gold standard for those of its genre, Dogs in Knits. I used some Dzined sport weight and my knitting machine for a 6+ foot long scarf for edge embellishment. I think I was a little over-ambitious regarding this project. It took me most of the afternoon session to accomplish this lacy edge. Counting is key for proper placement of the lacy arches. I have to do a row of double crochet on each LONG edge in a multiple of eight to set the arches correctly. Should have made the scarf shorter! But, I was fascinated. I made the one skein scarf from The Happy Hooker. The yarn used was Cherry Tree Hill Silk and Merino DK, color Green Mountain Madness, an extra hank from the Ruffles scarf that I've never finished. Since I was using a lighter weight yarn than the pattern specified, I added two rows of double crochet, or the scarf would have been more of a necklace. The finished piece is still narrow, about 3" wide, but I love how arty and bohemian it looks. So, I feel confident that I could incorporate crochet into my knitting. More as a garnish than the main course. There's a Jo Sharp sweater design that I've been aching to make, but it has a crochet panel in the front. I think I could accomplish it now!

I'm doing a little better with lubricated joints. And, I had a surprise when I came home tonight. My package from Norway! I have to take pictures, but the sweater is a perfect fit for Piccolo, and just a super piece. It's so cool to have a new sweater for her that I didn't make! There were more lovely surprises in the package as well.


Angela said...

Branching out--good for you! My brain just doesn't comprehend crochet. I would like to know something beyond single crochet but I think I'd better stick to knitting. That blue is gorgeous!

Kniterella said...

Great for you! I have a granny square afghan about 1/3 done and can't pull myself away from my Briar Rose.

I can't wait to see photos of Piccolo's new sweater