Friday, March 09, 2007

International Trade Agreement, part 1

We live 5000 miles apart. Me, in a big American City, and Bente on a little island, Frei, in the North Sea of Norway. Our lives seem incredibly different, but we share a love of pets and knitting. Here is Geisha wearing the sweater that I knit for her! I went into my stash and chose yarns that were probably not ones that Bente would ever find at home. For the body, I used Christopher Sheep Farm wool from Maine. I used this for a sweater for Piccolo that years later, remains a favorite, and really holds up to wear. The bands are Lucy Neatby's Blue Faced Aran from Canada, and the tips are Cloverleaf Farms wool/mohair from New York state. It looks like it fits really well from the photo. That's the farthest that I've sent a custom piece, so getting the fit right was a concern. Some surprises went along with the sweater. I wanted to keep them unique to the States, so I sent a hank of Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies, dyed in my neighborhood, and the famous Socks that Rock. I loved the idea of doing this swap, it really put a little spice into my knitting! I still need to download my pics of the goodies that came my way, all the way from Norway! Part 2 to follow.................

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