Saturday, March 31, 2007

Four Years

In March of 2003, I had just moved to this apartment. Leaving behind a lot of wreckage from my last misadventure in real estate. Penny had died just a few weeks before, and the Man, having endured a year of misery in our living mistake on Campbell Ave., had told me he was not moving with me. I was looking on Petfinder, and found Piccolo's listing, and took a chance. It was a long drive to Detroit, and when the door of the foster mom's closed behind Piccolo, she had a response of "I'm not getting in the car with that lady." Eventually I got her in the car, and made it back to our new home. Not long after, she cast her spell on the Man, and he came home to us. We are a happy little unit. Every day with her brings delight. She's a remarkable little varmint, and we're lucky to have found her.

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Bonne Marie said...

Happy Pup-aversary!

But HOW can yu call that sweet adorable rogue a Varmit ;p