Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Pudding Thoughts

I sampled the rice pudding today after one night in the refrigerator. There's not much left, as the Man "nibbled" his way though the batch. I'm in search of something creamier. A lot of recipes that I found have raisins. I abhor them. Tonight I made a new batch using Arborio rice, the type that risotto is made from. I covered the uncooked rice with water and let it soak while I cooked dinner. On the stove, the rice as it cooked absorbed the entire cup of milk. I added one tablespoon of amaretto to the recipe. Other than the type of rice and the amaretto, the rest of it is the same. I think enhancements could be made with some vanilla sugar, which I should make a batch of for my cooking and baking, and some fresh or frozen berries. The new recipe is a winner, I think. It should inspire a marriage proposal.
The pudding that inspired this is at the S & G restaurant at the corners of Lincoln, Wellington, and Southport. It's across the street from St. Aphonsus Church, where a little Man went to grade school. I can just imagine him looking out the window a lot, causing mischief, and being cracked across the knuckles by nuns for bad penmanship.


Bonne Marie said...

Ah -- the S & G! When I was freshly married, I lived at 1234 Oakdale (how's that for an easy to remember addie?)

We were conveniently around the corner from the S & G; (and don't forget the Golden Apple!)

sweetfigs said...

What is it with men and the rice pudding? D is also an addict. I made it once in the oven but it turned out mushy, so I went back to getting it from the store. The kind they sell at Edgewater Produce in Andersonville is rich and cinnamony. I'll have to experiment with the Arborio!

BertandFelix said...

I have been trying to do Weight Watchers...you are making it very difficult with all the rice pudding chat...yummy!!