Friday, April 11, 2008

Things Change

I've had the Lucky Penny site up for over five years now, without many changes. Most of the sweaters on the models page were sold long ago. I've never been able to do much myself on it, other than post some events to a template. My magnificent web designer has gotten too busy to continue with the site, and not unexpectedly, has let me loose. She found a new home for me, that I can update myself, which I will resolve to do frequently! You can take a look at my new home under construction until April 25th.
I'll miss my little masthead, though.


Laura said...

I may need to pick your brain on your new site. My site is embarassingly out of date and I'd love a user-friendly platform that I could maintain.

rita said...

I pre-ordered your book last week. I'm so anxious to get it that I'm having it sent to my daughter's house, since that's where I'll be when it comes out. I won't be back home for over three weeks, and I want to take it with me on vacation!