Monday, June 23, 2008

From the Lobster Pot

This is the Piccolo Variations sweater from Doggie Knits. I take a basic sweater, and show how you can customize with stitch patterns and collar treatments to make a one of a kind garment. This is Mr. Lucky wearing a version that I used Cape Cod Fibers Lobster Pot to knit. The fiber content is 85% wool, 15% mohair (aka Lamb's Pride.) I used a lot of Lobster Pot in the book. The colors have Cape Cod style names. For example, the peach here is called Lobster Bisque. There's a beautiful yellow called Drawn Butter, and a pinkish red called Boiled Lobster. My local source for Lobster Pot is the fabulous shop Knit 1, host of my book launch. It's a great shop with lots of things that you won't find in the other stores, including, at the present, copies of Doggie Knits. The owner, Karen, is just lovely, and a great knit designer. The garments in the shop window are her designs, and they're incredible! The shop has a friendly family vibe, which will make you want to stay and knit a bit. Karen's husband, Pierce, owns the coffee shop next door, and there's always a sister or an adorable baby stopping by to visit.
Knit 1 is at 3823 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago 60613. Phone 773-244-1646.

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rita said...

It's really cute. I'm still WAITING for my daughter to send me my book....I'll be back there in two weeks, so I might have to wait till then. Bummer.