Friday, June 27, 2008

Life Changing?

Every day, a few times a day, I check the sales stats for the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The rank really doesn't really mean anything in terms of numbers. Speaking with a reliable source at the publishing house, I got some real numbers. Pretty low numbers, and not many books in the initial printing. Being my first project, I try to keep expectations low. But I still have hope. I had hoped that somehow this accomplishment would change my life. Move me towards my dream of working at something that creates happiness instead of something that I do just to keep the household running. Returning to some of my crummy job locations this month was just more reinforcement that life is not going to change.
I try to reassure myself that it's still early in the process. It's summer, so lots of people aren't thinking about knitting, even small projects. Lots of people don't know about the book. It's pretty cute, and a good value for what the book contains. So, because I still have hope, I'm going to knit some sweaters for a famous dog owner who knits, and find a way of getting them to her with a copy of the book. Hoping for some Omnimedia attention.
I found out from my publisher that they will no longer do craft books. I had considered another proposal, thinking that at least with these people, the devil I know, I have some understanding of the process, and the next project would have less frustration. Moving forward, I will have to find a new publisher for any future project. For now, I need to do what I can to make my book a success.
In the meantime, I soothe myself with some hand knitted socks. I finished these a while ago. The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks, and the fiber is Sock Hop from Crown Mountain Farms, hand spun, in colorway Satisfaction.

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