Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yesterday I was sort of having a meltdown about a work situation that's sort of out of my control unless I want to find employment elsewhere. I went looking on the Internet, and nothing out there sounds any better. I found some scheme where you can make $1000 or more working from home, then scrolled down and found it would cost $157 to purchase the instruction kit. So, bad all around. I guess the Man beats me in the misery department today, because he found out he's getting his second IRS audit in about five years.
While I was feeling sorry for myself, I was gazing at my first quilting creation from last year, picture repeated above, and found--mistakes! Colors out of sequence! I guess you could say it's an Amish approach to quilting--they deliberately sew in a flaw because humans can't achieve perfection. How could I have lived with it for nearly a year and not notice?


rita said...

But it's lovely! Even with mistakes, it's a gorgeous quilt (and I can't see them).

BertandFelix said...

Oh no! An audit?! Dun, dun, dunah.

Those work from home things are scams. You pay and then just get ripped off. Grrr.

The quilt is beautiful! Who cares if there is a mistake...it is beautiful and it is unique now. :)