Thursday, July 02, 2009

Feeling Cooler

The heat wave has ended for a few days, with the Man now miserable and me comfortable.  We had a battle royal after the second air conditioner was installed in the window, which ended up with me having two sleepless nights.  The Man let the second air conditioner run for about an hour, then shut it off, and opened the bedroom window without my knowing, on an 85 degree night.  With my work situation ramped up, this did not make for happy.  I ended up sleeping in my "lady room,"  the spare bedroom that is off limits to the Man.  He's already made a mess of our bedroom, after I gave him his very own room to mess up, that's off limits to me.  The bed in my "lady room" had become at catch-all for my stuff, so I cleared it off, curtained off the back half of the apartment, and cranked the air.  Remember in vintage films, how couples sometimes had separate beds (ex: The Red Shoes) or rooms (ex: Rebecca)?  I now totally get it.  After functioning for two days on a total of five hours of not very good sleep, finally I was rested.  We've been battling every hot summer for years about the air conditioning.  Now, a solution.  We're togther on the cool nights, and open to "visitations."  I need to do a little more decorating in my retreat.
This vest is a little summer number that I've been wearing for a few weeks now.  The Mondo Cable, designed by the brilliant Bonne Marie.  I love the shaping and cable detail on this.  It looks better on than in the photo.  Bonne Marie sent me a PDF of the reworked design, and I have one on the needles now in Louet Euroflax.  I have one or more planned in wool as well.  That's the thing about my knitting.  If I find a design that works, I'll make it more than once.

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