Tuesday, March 09, 2010

They Knit for Dogs

With the new release of Strikideen fur den Hund, my current obsession is checking the German Amazon stats.  I'm kooky that way.  I don't know what the ranking really means in terms of number of books sold, but the book's been in the top 100 for knitting books consistently, and sometimes in the top 50.  If the top 100 books are a snapshot about what German knitters are working on, it's mostly socks, some accessories, some baby stuff.  Hardly any garment books in the top 100.  It's interesting to see that three other dog knitting books are represented in the top 100.  Work slowly continues on my new coat design. 
This is Lyubi wearing the Gidget Hoodie in Strickideen fur den Hund.

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Sisters with Letters said...

Yay! Top 100? That's nothing to shake a stick at for sure!! I think it's great. Can't wait to see your new coat design, too.