Friday, May 25, 2012

The Ever-Shrinking Safety Net

One of the things that I have vowed over the past few years is that Piccolo will never know that the economy sucks.  My own personal safety net is shrinking.  I've been hanging on to my old professional credentials for the last few years thinking it was my net.  Considering that after 2.5 years out of the profession, it's unlikely that I will work in it again.  It's likely that I will not renew once my continuing education credits are due.  I am now a starving artist.  This was not the best week for the art part.  I made an exclusive custom order for wholesale last year, which included a special order yarn.  I was hoping that this would be the beginning of a relationship, and that I would create some sweaters every season.  Not so much, it turns out.  I was asked to purchase back the unsold sweaters that the company received nine months ago.  It really took some balls to ask me to do that, I think.  It never occurred to me to set the money I made aside for this situation.  As knitting is what I do to live now, guess what?  I spent it, probably on rent or food or something frivolous like that.  I thought about it for a while, and really got down about it.  A few nights ago I was in bed early, curled in a fetal position, with the covers over my head.  With the help of some friends who were more objective about the situation, I composed a reply email that I'm certain burned a bridge.  Given the "buy back" business plan this outfit has, I don't want to continue a relationship any way.

Work continues at the studio.  Writing some new patterns, finally.  Quilting, and building my skills in crochet.  Including my first crocheted garment, which is going to end up being a fantastic mini dress that I'll wear with leggings.  I plan on having it ready to wear to TNNA when I attend next month.

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