Saturday, June 09, 2012


I don't know what happened.  I finished this dress last week.  It's my first finished crocheted garment!  A heavily modified version of a Doris Chan sweater from the Lion Brand website.  Yarn used was Juniper Moon Farm Sabine, a wool and cotton blend.  I used a G and H hook.  It's lost!  Sometime on Tuesday.  It could be in the apartment, but not found so far.  A possibility is that it fell out of my car when I was getting out to go to a hair appointment.  I can't imagine not seeing it, as it is a fairly large piece of fabric, versus losing a glove or a hat.  I even got into my car and drove back to where I had parked it before, still no dress.  I'm blaming the Venus eclipse on Tuesday.  How could I have bad crochet karma?  Because I am resilient, I started another, same yarn, in another color.  In the hopes that this one turns up.

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