Friday, June 15, 2012

How Many Sweaters Can You Have?

Stitching for the home, Lucky Penny style.  It's my kitchen rug!  In the Lucky Penny kitchen.  Crocheted, with two strands of Arucania Nature Cotton,  three colors, size M hook.  I love the hooks that I'm using.  They are hand made by a company called Laurel Hill, out of recycled woods.  I'm in love with the ebony ones.  They have a nice pointy head, and a well defined thumb indentation. I think that some old school crocheters really like those aluminum Susan Bates hooks, but my students seem to like the beautiful carved wood ones.  How to get photos from the phone to email to blog:  the Instagram application appears to work.  More stitching for the home:  the dishcloth that's draped over the sink. 
I'm not sure that I want to mention this to the Man, given his hate for air conditioning.  I have beautiful mature trees on my side of street, and my apartment doesn't get hot!  What a change from the last place, that heated to oven most of the year.   I haven't had to run the air conditioner that often in the new place.  Still loving it here.

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