Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mastering Technology

I'm slowly working my way towards being a Modern Girl.  I'm trying to get my PC and iPhone apps to interface.  This is a photo that I adjusted using Instagram, and uploaded to my PC, as Blogger is only allowing a few photos to be uploaded directly from my phone.  It's frustrating.  This was a day of frustration, as I spent the better part of it (and yesterday) trying to interpret a crochet pattern.  Now that I'm a professional, I need development in these skills.  It tickles me that in my previous profession, I had to keep up with continuing education hours to maintain my credentials.  In my new career, it still applies, although the subject matter is a lot more enjoyable.  Crochet and Fair Isle classes coming up next month at TNNA, and the photography class that I'm taking on Saturday mornings this month.
The Piccolo is still my favorite subject for photography.  She's my little muse.

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