Saturday, March 02, 2013


By the time Doggie Knits was published, the editorial staff had all moved on, as this publisher stopped doing craft books. Any subsequent developments after the initial publication were discovered randomly by me. I am an author without an editor, an orphan. I was doing some poking around on the Internet when I found the German language version, a phone call to the publisher revealed that the sub rights had also been sold to a Russian publisher.
A more recent discovery is what you see pictured here, a newer hardcover edition, also German. Publication date 2011. Again, I'm the last to know. I would like to order a few copies, but the ordering page for this won't translate.
One thing that I've noticed with people knitting my designs. They usually don't make them long enough. Most of the sweaters are top down, so easily adjusted for length. This would likely change the number of stitches to be picked up for the body band, but as long as you end up with a stitch multiple of 2, it's fine.

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