Thursday, September 26, 2013

Good Morning

With my other dogs, they would normally get out of bed when I was ready.  There were times when my first dog, Yoda, was so comfortable sleeping in that she didn't get out of her opened door crate for her first outing until early afternoon.  Now, there's no sleeping in.  La Mad is the one who wakes me up around 7 am.  She's ready to go.  Often I can't catch her to keep her jumping off the bed (we are trying to save her long back) to run to the back door and bark at the landlords' dogs as they come down the stairs.  Then it's off for our walk.  This picture is Madeline waiting for me to get my jacket, keys, and sunglasses for the walk.  The basket is an antique gathering basket that I've owned for years.  Finally I have a place to put it and a purpose.  Piccolo never used it for sleeping, but Madeline does.  There are layers of blankets, and on top is the most recent quilt I've done for her, the Scrappy Trip Along.  She has one of her newest sweaters on, and is holding her birdy toy.  She often carries it in her mouth on walks.  It's so funny.
The sweater is knit from Anzula's For Better or Worsted, and the quilt used random fabrics from my stash.

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