Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Heart Just Gets Bigger

This past weekend we reached a milestone.  One year that Madeline has been with us.  This photo is from when I first brought her home from Michigan.  I picked her up at an adoption event in the Detroit area.  I was concerned that we would get a slow start, and with the time zone change, we would have an issue getting there on time.  So, I convinced the Man to leave the night before.  We took a car that he borrowed from his family (my car is getting really old!) and I drove until I just couldn't any more.  We were between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek when we got a motel room.  She was waiting for us at the event, and let the Man cuddle her in the car on the way home.  The trip back to Chicago may have been the first road trip for Madeline.  She still can't really relax in the car.  She was skinny, her coat felt like sandpaper, and she was a little hurt from the microchip that was shot into her right before I took her away.  I was still grieving hard for Piccolo, and didn't know if I ever would connect with Mad the way I had with my other dogs.  But, never doubt.  We've had a year together, and our relationship is  solid.  Madeline is a magnificent little pet, and I'm so happy that she's with me.

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