Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm a Professional, Really I Am

A finished wardrobe piece from earlier this summer.  Rosalinda by Jennifer Wood, knit in the recommended yarn, Shibui Linen, held double.  I did the shaping on the skirt panels completely wrong, but proceeded with it as is.  It's shameful, as I teach people how to read and interpret patterns.  I added pockets to the side, borrowing from Cocoknits Liesl.  If I were to knit another, I would shape the skirt properly and not make the armhole openings so deep.  Moving on.
I have quite a few sweaters for the soon to follow fall season on the needles, and a Perkins Cove sweater in Anzula Breeze that I don't think I have a hope of finishing to wear to the Anzula trunk show that's coming to Knit 1 on August 2.
Our plans for moving foiled yet again.  Back to my frustrating Craigslist search.

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